Flappy Bird 3D

FLAPPY BIRD 3D1-14-2022_17-48-49.html (2.1 MB)
space to fly


It is good. Congratulations.

It needs game over for top/bottom limits. I was able to score indefinitely if I don’t press anything since the bird doesn’t touch the green pipe when is falling…

im trying to do that but its kinda hard

You could compare the pipes Y coordinate values for that… if the values are too high or too low, then go to game over… or put invisible blocks at the end of the pipes as colliders…

i could just make the pipe go farther down

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that is another option yes.

i fixed the problem
FLAPPY BIRD 3D1-14-2022_18-58-49.html (2.1 MB)

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This is amazing!

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FLAPPY BIRD 3D fps1-19-2022_16-04-22.html (2.1 MB)
same thing with fps counter


At What FPS did you exported the game?

i made it run at the same speed with different amounts of lag

Do you have a screen/monitor that has 1000fps? I don’t think so… so why do you want that game exported to that FPS, 60fps should be fine.

whats the difference

Well, when you put your app to run @ 1000 fps, you PC is working more than needed. Your code/PC will try to run your update code 1000 per second. Usually the goal for this kind of games is 60. For hi end PCs your game will try to run at the maximum frame rate that the web browser or PC can. You would not want that… because depending on the use’s PC, the experience will be different. The screen is also a limitation… if you have a PC Screen monitor that only shows 60fps, you will not be able to see any more frames than 60 per second. Then if your PC is able to manage more than 60, you will have your game processing stuff at a different rate than your monitor.

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there is a timer in the game that makes it run at the same speed on different devices

it may run smoothly, but it runs faster than needed. it takes up unneeded energy. 60fps is a common framerate and is already smooth. it’s much better to cap the framerate to save energy and get the same result.

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if a game runs at 50 fps, does it matter how high the frame rate is?

well if it runs at 50 fps for you, i’d set the project fps to 30. my fps was, like, 250, which is completely unnecessary.

if you still don’t want to change it, that’s fine, but my point is, after 30 or 60 fps, it’s completely pointless and only drains power.

FLAPPY BIRD 3D fps1-23-2022_12-13-52.html (2.1 MB)