Flappy Cube 3D

flappy bird in 3d
you are a cube
avoid the pipes
space to fly
flappy cube3-5-2022_17-09-03.html (2.1 MB)


Cool, vector graphics!!

its way harder than flappy bird good job (maybie to make it easyer to play you could color the objects)

i would if i knew how to make triangles with code

Without looking at the project code, I might be able to explain:


All sides point towards one perspective point in the center

A front and back sides complete the image

@HerbertTheBird wow, this is a nice concept! Well done :clap:

Here's how you could do it if u want to


I got 4 points on hard

i mean draw it with code
also i dont really know about the line explanation
it might be right, but i just a big version of my 3d cube

Wow a 2D First Person Game you my bird are talented

You should add a background and colors tho

It’s not 2d it’s 3d
Also I don’t know how to color in the pipes

I meant it as you made something 3D in 2D which is hard