Flashy Adventures

Here is the Flashy Adventures game: Hope you like it (please leave constructive feedback)

(I wish I could add more content, but here is so far.)

I suggest to play it in full screen. It should run at 36 fps, but I know that it will run slower in some machines so.

Controls: Up, Dn, Left, Right, Z
Pause: Space bar

Wick File: (It only works on wickeditor version 1.19.4)


it’s very difficult, I haven’t found a way to gain lives yet. but it’s also very high-quality and fun to play.

edit: i made it to the bar-looking thing… interesting that some of our names come by every now and then. minor detail that’s very interesting. :)

edit 2: i died right after because the window wasn’t focused and i didn’t realize until it was too late D:


That is a shame… that happens… (You had a wizard lvl2 at that point… what the odds…)

Sometimes the shop will sell you lives…

I bought another wizard in the shop the first time.

right after making that reply i got flashy level 3… that guy’s extremely strong, beat the boss pretty easily. :)

edit: then a ghost thing in stage 2 made me sad and put me back to level 1 D:

In your case I can’t ask you about the FPS since you have my same M1 mac… you should be experiencing 36+ FPS. In an old Macbook Air 2015, the FPS decreases to 21 FPS. :(

I think that that should be the case for a lot of people unfortunately.

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the stage 2 boss is definitely way too powerful. i had a wizard level 3 or something like that and i got absolutely destroyed.

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The project works pretty well on my device (I’m on a Chromebook)
Fps: 10 (still works at a good speed)

Also, I sadly died next to the door on my first try, don’t ask how lol
But that helped me notice a bug: when playing again, the door doesn’t quite reset -

I’ll check out the rest of the game tomorrow, & will try to get to the end

This game is more epic than I expected ! ! ! ! !


Can you post the html? I don’t have access to itch.io currently.

maybe you might want to extrapolate the game (opposite of interpolate)?

extrapolate, if any of you don’t know, is when you make it look and feel the same speed, but use a smaller fps and make enemies go “faster” so that it balances out. interpolate is when you do the opposite: increase fps but make the stuff inside go “slower”.

for example, to extrapolate this game, divide the fps by 3 to get 12 fps and make everything ingame 3 times as fast. it’ll feel sorta the same but it will be more performance-friendly on other computers.

Interesting bug. Thank you. Also I noticed from ur pictue, the fonts are not those… wierd…

not sure if it’s a bug that you can’t deal with, but when i hover over the wick editor link after dying, the cursor remains in its “over” state… (the button itself is fine)

another piece of feedback: it’s fun, but it’s very infuriating when you have some level 3 player, then one fireball drops you all the way back to level 1. perhaps you can just drop back down 1 level, instead of going all the way down?

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I’ll be posting the wick file in a few days


I got to the end :D

Wow, what a great adventure! I really enjoyed this game - it’s just amazing!


The fonts should be these ones… not sure if I did something wrong when I exported the game or is your device that doesn’t have the fonts installed…

Don’t worry about the fonts. It’s probably because I tested your game on a private tab, so the font reset to default (private tabs act differently than normal ones)

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it was the correct fonts for me. so it’s just Hamzah’s side. and he already explained why.

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Now also on Newgrounds:

itch-io version allows fullscreen which is better

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@nuggetofwisdom only on version 1.19.4
wick file:

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Hacking the game to start with better resources: :cowboy_hat_face:

Under the GameManager class, go to this line and change the following properties:

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 6.43.50 PM

More info

pCoins: Player Coins… they go from 0 to 9999
pWLevel: Player Cannon/Card Level from 1 to 3
pWClass: Player Transformation from 1 to 6
pEnergy: Player Energy in Hearts from 0 to 9999*

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