FNF Mod I'm Making (if you want to be in it, say so)

I’m making a FNF mod based on the Wick Editor Forums. If you want to be in it, say that you want to on this forum. I will send a pic of the latest developments in the game later on. Let me know if you want to be part of it! It is also going to have me in it.

These are the people I’m asking to be in this mod.

  1. @awc95014
  2. @pumpkinhead
  3. @Jovanny
  4. @Hamzah_Al_Ani

There might be more people later.

I’m going to let everyone choose a custom Boyfriend and Girlfriend. You can post pictures, tell me how you want Boyfriend and Girlfriend to look, or make them a person who works on Wick Editor. Also let me know how you want your OC to look.

I have a few things to say.

  1. is this done on wick editor? because this forum is for wick editor things.
  2. I wanna be in the mod too
  1. my character would kinda be meant as a playable character there are some pics of my oc here My newest oc. and here is a picture of my friend (who replaces gf).

Yes it is done in Wick Editor plus another website called “Soundtrap” for the music. Also you can be in it. It will be hard to make you a type of OC, but I will try.

This is Boxguy

I can make animations for him, and he’s gonna be in a game I’m trying to make.

what do you mean?

btw if you need I can make the animations for my characters
what do you want

  • I want to make my characters animations
  • I dont want to make my characters animations

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btw I was thinking just now if you want when this is finnished I can port this to the actual engine and post it on game banana. but you can make the game on wick. btw if you need it I can help you make this

well if you want im fine with making it on my own

Here is a picture of the design (not finished)
Screenshot 2022-03-29 2.41.18 PM

what do you mean. im just saying if you ever need help animating or coding I can help

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oooh thats good when your done can I remaster it and animate it? just for fun unless you want to use my remake

the animations and wick file

me3-29-2022_14-59-52.wick I had to draw over what you drew for the idle but the rest I made myself
I made my freind too

My Project3-29-2022_15-48-00.wick btw my friend is a little bit taller than me

  1. I wanna be in the mod
  2. How many frames should each different animation be?

ill be in the mod, ill make the poses and give them to you as a clip

this what i got so far:


idk what this is just call it idoit

my icons