FNF Mod I'm Making (if you want to be in it, say so)

This is great! Ill be using this in the mod.

this is also great

I would use 3 to 5 but anything u decide

I made animations for boxguy

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I also have a greenscreen version if you need

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i don’t think green screens work well with transparency

maybe a wick file to make it easier for @ShadowAnimations

me but somethings different


Screenshot 2022-03-30 8.36.39 PM


Not really that detailed but here’s my character

FNF character

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hey, gamer_boi, can you add to your idle animation a foot tap
also I like the remade version better can you make the animations for that?

Here’s a wick fileBoxGuyFNF3-30-2022_14-29-47.wick (78.1 KB)

if it is fine with u i want to make boxguy a boss

here is me idle

not finished

It’s fine with me!

can you tell me what Boxguy is about (the game your making)
so i can get some detail on the map

So basically in the game, you’re in a haunted mansion running from a ghost. You have to solve puzzles, upgrade your key level, and hide to escape.
I have a testing version on scratch here https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/626829927/
I used to use scratch before moving to wick.

ok ill make the background the haunted mansion

how bout this?
not the actual character, these are just the body lines for drawing the actual character.


whitty shirt lol
rip whitty