FNF Mod I'm Making (if you want to be in it, say so)

I like this one WAAAY better than my version
(basically all he changed was the jacket)

I just made that for fun (its Edd’s jacket from challenge-edd)

it does look better though

I just don’t think we should use it

yeah ok sure

just letting u know im doing it in 24 fps


My Project3-31-2022_8-01-08.wick

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I was going to say nvm but you did the idle

you are a really good animator and drawer

what will be the design of the map?

which map?

the backround for your week

my house 1 sec


you can redraw it if you want

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I fixed the bricks


im going to put your brother in your mod but with the house i cant find a place to put him

is anyone good at coding fnf?

I bet I could figure it out

also do you want to be in the mod as well or just boxman

hi i will like to have a fnf mod please i was drawing this i need it finsh