FNF Mod I'm Making (if you want to be in it, say so)

My Project4-18-2022_15-50-34.wick (91.1 KB)

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i also did this characters belong to gamer_boi, stephen_barbaro , boxguy,and shadow animationsMy Project4-18-2022_16-21-26.wick (37.4 KB)

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i cant color it ?

I made some icons for boxguyBoxGuyFNF4-19-2022_7-52-56.wick (2.8 KB)

maybe i might not use this?

is this good? _4-19-2022_12-44-43.wick (637.2 KB)

I think I know your problem. I used a bunch of clip objects for different parts so that might be your problem

right then

i like either the handdrawn sign or the different cardboard

i forgot to save a wick file so i have to remake them

Which type do you think is best?

  • Cardboard
  • Hand-Drawn
  • Normal
  • Cardboard but different
  • Ghost

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It can be the one i voted for or the ghost arrow

yeah because honestly the hand-drawn might look cool, but it could also make the timings frustrating

I have made the first song for boxguy

I think hand drawn for the arrows at the top and the cardboard but different for the ones you press and slightly opaque ghost arrow for must hit notes and if you dont hit them you get hurt

btw should I have a guitar as my third phase or something else. if you choose something else let me know what I should do.

  • yes
  • maybie
  • no
  • something else

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Is there a way for you to upload the music on Wick and send them because my school has this website blocked.

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yeah its blocked as “Games” on my school computor

here are my guitar sprites. I have a special sprite that plays at some times that is kinda like cuphead’s ex attack in indie cross where if you don’t press space it kills you and breaks bf’s ears My Project4-20-2022_13-50-40.wick

I was thinking that in the middle of my song I switch to guitar and bf’s notes move to the middle of the screen making you have to have a quicker reaction time.