FNF Mod I'm Making (if you want to be in it, say so)

ok i will.

I don’t know if you can trace it? My Project4-9-2022_11-22-38.wick (113.3 KB)

you can show me it then i will color it?

i can trace it

ok, show me when you’re done?

@Donut or @Stephen_Barbaro, can one of you make the music for the mods?
So far I have got:

  1. ShadowAnimations (me)
  2. Boxguy
  3. gamer_boi
  4. Stephen_Barbaro
    Don’t worry @XFalconFred1, I’ll get yours done. I just need @Donut to finish your character.

i can do it
tell me what you need me to do

here is a picture so you can get the ideaScreenshot 2022-04-10 7.58.07 PM

I need music for my week

btw my character is just called “Boi”

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I can make some music

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yes i shall
i guess il do yours first, and btw my guy is called TheMan17 adsfjadfjadosfja
but yes my boy i will do

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these are my arrows

red is bad and hurts if you touch it


me but quitar

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Hehe small hands

@pumpkinhead, is it okay if I put you in the mod?

the red notes actually crack your screen and drains your health for a couple seconds if you hit them (if you can do that)


I made the animations for @XFalconFred1
TraceForXFalconFred4-18-2022_8-51-44.wick (232.3 KB)

I just made a bunch of different arrow designs so tell me which one you want

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ok thank you I’m just coloring it