FNF Mod I'm Making (if you want to be in it, say so)

so all I have to do is to do the animation for my character
and the song

i made a logo for my fnf mod

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i have a question are you making the assets in wick and then putting it onto fnf or are we making the game in wick?

making the assets in wick and then putting it in fnf

ok cuz everytime i make something in wick it LAGS

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I made this but I don’t know if this is good

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I’m done sorry I took a long time

Making the game in wick. Or we can make the assets in wick your choice

Sorry to break the news, but everyone is getting their own weeks. Not mods.

This is great! I can use this in your week.

well im thinking we should only make the assets in wick. i was making a rhythm game, but since the engine (wick) lags so much that it wouldn’t sync to the audio. i personally think we should make the assets in wick and then import them into fnf for the smoothest and best - looking gameplay as possible. wick editor is mostly known for making html games, but if there are alot of objects and code, (such as the characters, music, animations, bkgs, note sprites, etc.,
the game lags alot. i use my chromebook to play fnf, so if we find a way to convert our fnf mods to html, we could import them into itch.io, so everybody can play the mod without lag. lag is a HUGE problem in rhythm games, for one, you might miss alot of notes, and like i said before, it wouldn’t sync with the music. whenever i make animations in wick with alot of frames, the animation lags out but the audio keeps going at the same pace. so i recommend we just put everything into fnf and make the assets in wick. there are a few tutorials on that, i think. idk you do you


Does anyone need music for their week?

i do need a song

@WickNewbie do you want to make the music for the weeks?
@Donut Can you make the arrows? Also can you animate @XFalconFred1’s sprite?

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I can help with some of the music, so sure!
Just tell me what style you want and I will try to complete the song in a couple of days.

wait do you mean me?

Sure, if you want me to make something for your song!

okay thank you

Do you mean the whole code for them or just the art? Also sure!

@XFalconFred1 , your character is turning out to be very complicated to trace. Can you send a wick file?