FNF Mod I'm Making (if you want to be in it, say so)

quick suggestion: maybe let some people ask to be added in the background of the mod, and not as an opponent

also, what FNF’ engine are we using? psych engine? kade engine? or are we going to try and remake the game in wick?

Finally got it done
My Project4-4-2022_13-49-19

ok its good


Trying to remake the game in Wick. And also I’m letting anyone choose how they want to be in the mod including being BF or GF

If you have any suggestions for your mod tell me

I was thinking about having a cutscene at the beginning of the song where he sais “hey aren’t you bf from-” then bf mutes him.

Hi @ShadowAnimations! It’s a nice collab you guys have here :0

Sorry to say I won’t be able to join since I have a lot of work

I just wanted to mention, though, that it would help if you try to avoid making this much comments in a row (it counts as spam)

Instead of making another comment, you could always edit the last comment that you made to add anything else that you wanted to say. You don’t have to edit anything now, this is just a suggestion for future comments.

And hey, good luck with the collab! :four_leaf_clover:

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i think I’m done?

Don’t you still need animations and color for your character?

yeah I need

so I need to color my character then?

Hello can someone make a fnf mod for me pls

@XFalconFred1 If you want a theme without color, then no, you don’t need color. But, if you want color, then add color. It’s just more favorable if you color it.

@MaskedGhosty What do you mean by “make an fnf mod for you”? You might be able to get 1 song in this collab, but we probably won’t code, make art, chart, and make music for a seperate FNF mod for you. Sorry!

I don’t need a fnf mod

Can you make an avatar for your character? That would help me know what your character looks like.

you mean me

Yes. Could you do that?

yes i will

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oh i know how to animate
i can do tht