For the life of me i cannot figure out a collision system

for about 2-3 days now, ive been attempting so much at my collision system in my geometry dash-like game. ive looked through so many forum posts trying to understand what they did, but i just cant. i tried working around my lapse in knowledge, but my collision system is just a buggy mess. try it out for yourself. please help, as i am been graded on this for my school assignment.My Project3-23-2024_13-21-35.wick (12.9 KB)

Well, I don’t see a problem. I usually use the if(this.hits(player)){ Method. And it appears that is what you’re using. Maybe make the hitboxes transparent.

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Thanks, but i probably should’ve made what i was talking about a little bit more clear. the collision with the floor and ceiling really just doesn’t work at all, and i can’t figure it out

try landing on the floor/diving into the ceiling to see for yourself

you can consider modifying a platformer engine to allow flying.

here’s mine, jovanny’s, and pumpkinhead’s. see which one works for you.

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My Project3-26-2024_18-39-41.wick (12.8 KB) I fixed it yay