Forced synchronizing?


So, I don’t know if this was intended to happen, but basically, I was writing code and
experimenting with Wick. I ended up creating a useful function, and intended to port it over to an older backup copy of my main program I’ve been working on for the past few days.

I created a new tab in my browser, and opened up another instance of the Wick editor in it, with the intention of copying the function over, because the experimental code
was written kind of messy.

After I had opened the new tab, I tried to return to the older one, but immediately upon opening it, the screen went white, and started loading…
After the loading was complete, I looked into the programs code, and
discovered it had synchronized with the new instance of Wick in the other tab…

Sadly I lost all the quite helpful code I had just written, with no way to
recover it. :(

So, I don’t know if this is intentional behavior, but I definitely would have liked to
know beforehand that you can’t run Wick in multiple tabs.

( Sorry this post is so long. :’) )



Hey @colorsCrimsonTears,

Did this happen on the live or alpha editor? This is definitely not intended behavior in either case!

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It happened in live.
I ended up having to rewrite what was lost because
after opening the backup in the other tab, my autosave was
of course updated as well.



Ahh, alright. While we aren’t updating the live editor, we’ll look to see the easiest way to take care of this in the alpha editor as well. Sorry again for the lost code.

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Hey, it’s no problem.
Things happen. I love all the work you guys put into Wick,
I’m really enjoying myself using it!