Forced to start from square one

I’m not sure what quite happened but I lost all my progress on an animation. I created a new document then I couldn’t figure out how to delete said document so I created a new document on top of the previous one and began working. I switched internet connection and this caused the page to refresh but when it did all my frames in the autosave were cleared. I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do about it but it really does look like I’m going to have to start from the beginning. I did try the same thing again (this time on purpose) and I got a repeat of the same issue.
New document + New document and the autosave starts you from the beginning.

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I don’t really know what you mean… I think you’re saying that you have a blank screen, you click the “new” button, then you start working, then you reload and it’s empty.

Either the autosave didn’t save quick enough, it accidentally saves the first blank canvas (meaning it’s a bug), or there’s another bug.

@Enion, When creating a new project the autosave is wiped. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost work (We have some designs for a multi-project autosave but that will unfortunately not be implemented for some time).

We recommend saving as often as possible while working until we put together this update.

Thank you, I’'l remember to save before doing any external actions next time.