Forking Wick

Hey everyone,
I’m working on a fork of the legacy Wick to (hopefully) continue the legacy of Wick Editor.
It’s called Candlewick:
As someone who legally owns a copy of Flash, I’ve seen people get discouraged from using it. I want people to have a FOSS, viable alternative!

If you’d like to contribute, make changes and pull request here:


At the moment, it’s not compatible with anything newer than the legacy editor. Sorry. Just made this animation. It has a clickable object, too!

firstever2.wick (816.5 KB)
This MUST be opened within Candlewick.

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Never realized how much of a pain it is to just make a button stop at a frame in old wick.

made an animation within it, unfortunately its too big, probably because all I used for the animations were pre-made images. also tried to export it into mp4 but left 2 videos, one with audio no video and one with video no audio.

woah that looks epic

also, for video, the latest wick editor is guilty of that, too. just try reencoding it in ffmpeg—if you can—or convert it to webm.

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Hi! I’ve used Wick for animation for like 2 years now and I’ve tried Candlewick out and I gotta say, I really like it! (couldn’t find a dark mode or undo though, but hey it’s not the end of the world-) I’m excited to see it grow and change. Whether I would start using it over regular wick is a bit hard to decide. I would really like to contribute but I have no real meaningful programming experience. Anyway, I really just wanted to say that it was really cool.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I’ll try to implement a dark mode setting

image image image image
Candle wick Icons???


also new animNew Project-Mar20-2024-4.46PM.wick (268.3 KB)

i was thinking of something without the wick logo.
also, i found a bug causing the brush tool to stop working whenever a drawing tablet is used.
Screenshot 2024-03-20 20.56.26
not sure what the cause is, so this project is going to be put on hold.

that means i’m deleting it. i believe that wick is still stable enough to use at the moment.

dang, alr. Hope you find out what is it. Usually its a typo or calling something when its not supposed to be called or something, Idk, I only used Python for 99% of my life, java, and then C++.

I don’t believe it’s just some ordinary typo, but I still need to learn more JS. Something like this is a little too ambitious.

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Aw, it sucks to hear that the project will be on hold. I was really enjoying the using it!
I hope you can fix it eventually!

When will it be back? I would love to try it.

when i feel like it :)