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after fire squad i’m gonna make a game called wick smack down so would anyone like to be a challenger!
your little guy would be drawn in my style (or you could draw a picture and send it to me) but you’d get to pick what your guy says during the fight and ill be in it two




O H this is gonna be fun

ok sure ok sure

There’s only 5 regulars in this forum: mojad, Jovanny, Hamzah_Al_Ani, butt, awc[his trailing numbers even though this forum is small enough that awc itself probably isn’t taken], and pumpkinhead probably. So how are you going to get more characters? Excluding flashy the ghost if you are going to put flashy the ghost there.

good i hope you guys can take the heat cause my guys ready to fight

probably gonna make up some guys and im gonna be there also what do you want your character to say

good what do you want your character to say

I’m going to wait until you finish fire squad first.

edit: nevermind

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yah i do gotta do that but its definetly getting close i have 3 more big things to do and some small stuff but it will be out by halloween or thanksgiving or earlier

“bee doo baa doo”

that is perfect im gonna say im gonna [insert cow pun] you!

dont forget me and you haha

btw what is the style you talking about
i assume stick man

95014 is there for a reason. A relatively personal reason that, even though it probably doesn’t matter, I won’t talk about it. awc95014 was a username given by my parents, and my nickname Baron only came after I made this Wick account. Big sads :frowning:

I guess my motto message-during-fighting thingy is: 三三ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I haven’t really decided, don’t make that my catchphrase thing yet :P

Maybe ill have to develope the style but put your dukes up cause I’m fired up and ready to fight! ( in the game of course)

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Thanks for joining ( also what is your profile pic I just need to know what to draw

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i’ll make an oc later… the thOnking face is just a placeholder that’s been there for a while.

here is me (as a fighter)
me2.wick (51.9 KB)


wait what it says the deletion notice is a edit???

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Well, if you delete a post, it’ll have it as edit and the post will delete in 24 hours. The reason for this is so that you have time to decide to undelete it, and also so if it was something nasty, people can see the edit before you deleted it, and report you for it. This way, you can’t post nasty words and delete it seconds later.