Forum Fighters: Rewritten (Discontinued)

in terms of who is the bad guy of the non-red 5, i’d maybe choose the purple one. it isn’t a color you’d expect from a fire, but it still looks interesting.

this is just what i feel, but i’m not making you choose that


What if pkhead picks up the item but it corrupts because pkhead is from a different universe than it?

@pumpkinhead @awc95014 could you 2 work together on the combat system? You guys can take your time, but just never stop :) when @Hamzah_Al_Ani is free you could ask him or the others if you get stuckl

Also you can ask me if you have anything unsure

Is there anything i can help with in the meantime? I’m willing to learn more js so i can also help with code.

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Sure, you can help them out and learn a little on the way

So what are they doing specifically, i need to know what i’m getting into so i research the right code.

Read. My. Posts. And. Passages.
At this point I have written at least 4 drafts on. The combat system
Just find the nearest one and try
if any questions ask me

The fighting Engine is done
the combat system isnt

Oh, they’re doing the fighting engine

Hey, @mlgcoolguys_1 Can I help with the story?

Maybe… Will you argue with me and wat
@MrDashell @Watrmeln

I cant 100% ensure argue-freeness. I think we could draft up a story and revise it together

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And regrading the combat system, do you understand it?

No, i have some dissecting to do.
Think any current programmer could break it down?

Huh, What? I’m confused what do you mean.

Don’t do any drama, that’s it
Same goes for wat but he already agreed

All right, get to it both of you


Um small question where.

We could try discord and send .txts

You keep ignoring that your breaking this rule.

Well I didn’t link to it we know eachothers tags already so technically it still abides by the rules

@Jovanny @Luxapodular Does that count as breaking the rule or not?