Forum Usage

[1] Boredness
This is not a place to make topics about when we feel bored… I have seen this kind of post often, here and there… The “Show Your Work” Category should be used to show wick editor projects.

[2] Vacation from the Forums
In other examples, I have seen people saying “I’ll be out of this forum for a week or so”… If people will be off of the forum a week or more, don’t create a topic for that, just be out, and then return.

[3] Posts about Views
Don’t post comments about the topic’s views numbers… like “999 views yey!!!” or “+1 view!” or “My post here is the 2k”… These don’t add any value to the topic and make the important posts harder to find.

[4] Unrelated Wick Editor Content
This is kind of obvious, but it still happening… Don’t post works that are not being made using the Editor.

Please don’t use the forum for these things.
Thank you for your cooperation.