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i found wick in alan beckers video so then i started wick so it was hard making stick figure animations so i did not like wick but then i realized there where tutorials so i made my first game so it was buttons i learn how to make buttons then i kept doing it but then i made an keyboardcontrol i found it on the bulit in assets i loved it but i wanted to make it move(now i now how to make it move)but it did not work i was sad but idnc but after 2 months later i found the wick forums so i made an acc so then my first post was:i love it! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :laughing: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: but then my first topic was: i need help with a code so blue cake helped me with a code so then thats it.

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I agree with Jovanny

Also, that’s a nice story :D
Thank you for sharing

You probably added this to point out your +13, but try to avoid posting personal information

ok sorry


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why is that there? its weird

Sorry to revive the topic, but one, I saw you were below 14. (Which was ## and I saw it in the edit). So I have a 20% your not ##.

the minimum is 13, not 14.

Oh, okay. But still 20% suspension

yeah that grammar needs some work.

Anyone can search “rules” to find em’ incase they need to refer to them or are confused about anything. Also, by looking up rules, you’ll find the “rules explained” as the first result, then the major rules luxapodular made, both these are good to reference to (and to quote) in case you ever think someone is going against the rules

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Also, thank you @Crafter_Flance for trying to improve the forums by pointing that out :+1:

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