Frames rate issue?


Hi, I’m having trouble with the frame rate of the editor. The frame rate of my project is set to 30, but running the project causes it to drop to around 15. The only thing I could imagine being the problem is the size of the project, which is around 550 frames. Does anybody have any suggestions?


Hey @TheVoidShifter, the size of the project shouldn’t slow it down too much, but the size of assets can! I would suggest seeing if you could make smaller assets, or combine drawings by using the “Unite Paths” command.

Also, would you mind zipping your project and sending it to us at We can see if there’s any optimizations we can make on our end :slight_smile:


Thanks. I tried Uniting the Paths of some drawings, but I can’t seem to figure out how it works. Can I have some advice on it?