Fredric World

Fill out the following information to have your collab considered for the forum:

  1. Title: Give your Collab a Name! This Title should be descriptive. Your Topic name should be “Fredric World Characters”.
  2. Topic: What is this Collab about? Be specific! Collabers will give me a character then I’ll approve it.
  3. Time Frame: When is this collaboration being held? When do submissions end? Make sure to give your collab enough time! This must be specific. (i.e. Oct. 10 2021 - July. 30 2022)
  4. Submission Requirements: What does someone need to submit to join your collab? When do they need to submit by? Post a character/suggestion using Wick Editor then post it to me (also need descriptions, stats of the character) and I’ll say if it’ll be in the game or not
  5. Project Requirements: What are the specs that submitted projects should be in? Should users submit their .wick file, an .mp4, or another type of file? A wick file, and a image file
  6. Project Leads: Who is leading this project? Is there a team? I am leading this project

If you did not know, you can just join. Anyone can

What type of project is this so I know I’m not animating the wrong thing?

Sorry, but this game is officially cancelled, because I accidently deleted it.

If you wanna work on this, just download the wick file and own it. Make sure to credit me!

Um… it’s not letting me download it, it’s not a link I’m pretty sure.

The file is too big.

what was it about and what happened in it?

My storage was getting full so I had to delete some of my stuff, I also forgot about Fredric World when I did, so its lost (kinda)

Thank you when it is done i will post back here for you to see how it came out.

Can I see your work on it?

sorry i’ve been on vacation for the past couple of days i just opened the google drive file and it says it doesnt exist

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Ok, since it doesn’t exist for you, make a new wick file and basically just start from the beginning.
The plot is Fredric’s brother got brainwashed by someone called “Brainwasher” and Fredric wants to get him back

quick question, do you want to send a picture of what fredrick looks like or do you want me to make a new character?

red hat brown hair
for shirt: arms (red) torso (brown) not a tshirt
for pants: black

Can I see the progress @el_desconocido53

Hey, is there anything I can help with? (╹ڡ╹ )

You can remake the game

The plot is