Freezing, then not responding

This file is consistently freezing, then getting the Chrome “please wait” option, but never will load. The student lost 25 frames the first incident and is unable to get any further work done. :(
I tried pasting the link to the file here, but I’m getting an error message that I ‘can’t post a link to this host.’

Hey @Eleanna_Liscombe, sorry for that. you should be able to post links again! Once you send it over we can take a look.

Sorry, nope:

Alright, here’s another shot. (Sorry about this, the forum has automated safety protections, was shutting down the links since they were all coming from the same place.). I just updated your account to have a higher trust level. If posting the link does not work, sending a private message to me is also an option. Again, apologies for the issues posting.