Funky text cursor moving a few spaces ahead(help/bug reporting)

this has been recurring for a while now, and i still havent figured out how to fix it. basically, because the text cursor is a few spaces ahead, it makes coding a bit more difficult. below is a demonstration on how it works. this doesnt seem like the first time this has happened, but its seems to be an device error since i happen to be on a chromebook too, which is very interesting. i have tried refreshing the page, using the test editor, and even refreshing my cookies and history, yet no avail. if anyone could help, it would be nice. thanks.


also, something else ive noticed this error down in the console. i dont know if that has to do with something or not.

hm, never seen this before. you’re on chromebook so i can only assume that you’re on chrome, so the browser shouldn’t be a problem. is it up to date? try updating chrome if it’s not.

Looking at the gif, I’m guessing that you changed your browser font settings, right?

With the editor’s default font, all the letter’s had the same width, but if you changed your chrome browser’s font settings on a chromebook, then the new font might have different measurements, causing the cursor to be off.

To change your font settings, go to this link: chrome://settings/fonts, then try setting the font back to default.

I’m not sure but I think by default the Standard font and Serif font are Times New Roman and Sans-serif font is Arial, with a font size of 16 and a minimum font size of 0.

Try the editor afterwards and see if there’s a difference.
Let me know if that doesn’t work.

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IT WORKS!!! thanks @Hamzah_Al_Ani!