Funny fighters (og and remake)

@Donut so, even though this game kinda died, what if we get a few people to make this game an official game of wick and a stage select and more characters!

hey @Rods_Animations i would LOVE to help with this project i have alot of expirience with coding and i think i could help here is one of my projects that is interactive

the dots represent carbon and other molecules colecting together due to gravity and they eventualy turn into stars

``i recently made a simulation of an ionic solid here it is once again very interactive

these were both made with css,java,html,and BASIC
[simulation of an ionlic solid](file:///home/chronos/u-21f356937d4fc07ff3ef131a92628d2f5225291d/MyFiles/Downloads/Screen%20recording%202023-03-24%2010.11.37%20AM.gif)

im not sure if you can view it the file size is to large
to put the vid

sure, i’m down to finish the game

yeah uhhh donut can u do the extra characters

and logan, do the maps and stages (i’ll finish menu bg’s) just let me finish sum

alright cool so this is going to be like a street fighter kind of thing i am guessing or an open world rpg?

so i found the wick files of funny fighters heres the latest one
FightingGame9-23-2022_12-41-39.wick (288.4 KB)
i cant figure out how to select the players rods in the controls you should add how to select characters aswell
i understand the assignment i will get to you with it soon c u later

i started on a level how is this so far? i am using a new wick to build it and i will just scale it up for the actual game

also i had to brand the level with “the RIZZARD_of_oz was here”

and i am going to try and figure out this awful coding feature it is honestly so easy to break and get lost in
that way i can add moving platforms

wait not yet

funny fighters (beta)3-24-2023_17-16-38.wick (3.7 MB)

gotta go help my dad now

bye guys!!

yeah, ask donut to add it

im gonna make sure what happned to forum fighters doesnt happen to this

guys this is toatally forum fighter’s cousin

this works!

@Donut funny fighters (beta)3-25-2023_16-36-06.wick (3.7 MB)
at frame 10, since ur the original creator, and did the original character select, can you do the map select, cuz…i need to learn js.

uhhhhhh u wanna help with bg’s?