G o t o c h u r c h

I recommend that you go to church.


As if he can get me in the real world. He’s an animation. Right? oh no. OH NO. NONONONONONO. HE’S COMING FOR ME. NO. NONONONONONONO. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

B e c a r e f u l w h e n y o u s l e e p .


c l e e t u s
k e r n e l
i s
n o
m o r e

o n l y
c h u r c h
m a n

not religious, but i respect all religions and like that animation too :)

The animation style reminds me of gingerpale

Do you respect the sun cult?

uhhhhhhhh wut is dat

isn’t that from like that kirby video game terminalmontage video?

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Ya, It is lol

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hey @Makponse_Yamonche and @Branster_Dev, be careful with what information you’re sharing.

I’m just posting this to remind you two that it’s dangerous and not recommended to share personal information in any way, although with faith and religion im not sure if its included.

I cant help but be cautious about this. so I made this post just in case.

Just please be careful you two.


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