Game Help! - Removing an object from a different frame

Hey y’all. I’m a first time Wick user and currently working on a game jam game using Wick Editor 1.18.

The short game has you in a single room where there are eight objects that you can click on. Each object is set as a clip. when clicked on, it will bring you into a new screen with a big picture of the object and after a short description will ask you if you want to take it. If the player says yes I would like it removed from the main room. The game will also go into an end state when the second object is picked up.

I have it set up so that the original room is on a layer and each object is their own individual layer. I might be getting hung up on this so if everything should be more contained that might be the issue.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or thoughts on this.


you have different options:
-you can move the object clip out of the canvas boundaries
-you can set his opacity to 0
-you can tell the clip to go to an empty frame
-you can also remove the clip completely but it is likely you’ll need to use it again so I’ll stick with one of the first solutions

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Thank you. I was actually trying to get rid of it if someone choose to take it. I found just within the clip having it remove the object and at the end of the clip giving a decision to go back to frame 1 (the removed frame) or go to frame 3 (which is just a recreation of the item to be left in place).

Have a look at this project.
That’s pretty basic and the inventory implementation could be done in a better way but is a starting point :+1:

My Project7-20-2022_11-04-32.wick (4.6 KB)