hello and need help for a game Goober3-12-2024_15-17-44.wick (97.1 KB) makin

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any time you hit the red things it goes to the first 1st and 2nd then goes to the losing screen

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I don’t see any problem. When I die, it just goes to the losing screen.

This should fix it, at the start of each level, it sets Goober’s x and y to a start place in the Default script of the frame and it also deletes the default script of Goober that if he touches a straw he goes to the next level making it so he stays at the first one if he dies. Goober3-13-2024_18-20-45.wick (97.1 KB)

just copy and paste the default code on the first 2 frames onto other ones and it should be fine,

THANKS!!! (:grin:

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