Green and White Tank Game

Playing a little bit with tanks:
Tanks5-8-2022_15-05-29.html (2.2 MB)

It is obviously not a complete game…

Not as a collab, but ideas are welcome.


Wow, impressive!

It took me a few seconds to get used to the controls but after that it felt satisfying every time I destroyed a tank!


You could add barriers that block shots and get destroyed when a tank moves through them (damaging the tank and slowing it down a bit), and maybe some type of healing method (such as having destroyed tanks drop “tank parts” that could be used to heal the player’s tank), and you could also add a time score (for how long the tank survived). These are just ideas.


very nice!! i like alot the “vintage” style !

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I think the controls are kind of funky. i know it’s a tank and the controls do make sense, but i would be more used to using arrow keys or WASD to move (up = up on the screen, not in front of the tank, etc) and using the mouse to aim. it makes movement a lot less realistic but it’s easier to use.

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Agree. This is more close to controlling a real tank with wireless controllers… but I think changing the controls to something more close to what you are describing would be better for a game.

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i like it more it makes it more challenging but i dont know if i like how you aim but i guess mouse pointer would be too easy

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Great game! I have some ideas.

  1. Different ammo types, such as explosive
  2. maybe a sight for the tank barrel, like a laser that shows where the shots will go.
  3. moving camera that rotates with the tank.
  4. upgrades and/or powerups (speed, health, damage, etc.)

Adding some things… same controls for now…
Tanks5-13-2022_16-33-58.html (2.3 MB)
Tanks5-13-2022_16-33-31.wick (117.4 KB)