Hackathon Project with 3 Friends

I went to a hackathon with 3 friends I met over the summer, and this is what we made.

It uses SomeoneElse’s guide with Replit/WebSocket multiplayer. We made a “drawing” app, if you can call it that, where many people can log in and draw stuff together.

I will not share the project cuz of privacy, not that there is much to do anyways.

This was my first time seriously trying the WebSocket thing (and under a time crunch too), and our team was really happy with the way it turned out. (my teammates worked on other parts of the project while I did the wick part)

resources I used from the wick forums

  • SomeoneElse’s guide to WebSocket/Replit, to make this whole thing work at all
  • Hamzah_Al_Ani’s “break apart” using code, to not have a billion clones

thanks for an awesome community and wick as a whole for making this project possible, wick’s convenience made this project so much easier :slight_smile:


wowie, dis amazing, look at what he have helped in some way create fellow wicklets!