Hacker Clicker

Hello, wick. I made a BETA GAME. so I am going to update it a little soon
so enjoy my new game. Hacker Clicker _Beta only_11-4-2021_17-08-56.wick (29.1 KB) now that is just a beta

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Another remix Money Clicker11-5-2021_14-24-09.wick (30.8 KB) hope you like it

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Nice game, though I think you can make it better by adding some game mechanic

for example like clickertale

That is going to be the new update I guess

I can give the basic layout that contains the clicking, enemey health,etc and you just add your own art, levels,animation,etc

(I do have a game that I should be working on but it probably gonna take a couple of hours to finshed it and also my hands hurt)

that will be very helpful. was going to make updates. you can send me the final game

oh umm you want me to make a whole game?
I was just going to make a layout that you can build on top of

Ok, this the layout just on top of like add levels and more attacks, this a like template/layout.
My Project12-2-2021_9-46-06.wick