Half of the drawing Canvas not letting me put anything on it

Hello! This is my Wick Editor 1.19.

You see, whenever I try to draw or put anything else on my canvas screen, some of it will let me put nothing on it.
I just started using this new animation website. So I’m not sure what else I can think of. I already know so much about how to edit certain things on the menus and options.
I don’t have a file of it, cause the problem I’m having won’t let me do any projects whatsoever. But I do have a screenshot of the problem I’m struggling with. I hope you and others who are helping understand my concern. Thanks so much! I’m really glad I found a website to make my own great animations like this!
Look at the problem here in this link!


try resetting zoom and refreshing-- maybe it will help


i had this issue before, i just refreshed and it was fixed

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Welp, refreshing worked for the problem, thanks, as for resting the zoom button didn’t do much. But that was helpful though so thank you for that as well. Really appreciate you guys. However, some of my projects have already experienced this issue, so if I refresh that, I may have to start all over the other ones. But as long as I don’t have trouble then I guess it’ll be fine. Thanks so much, you guys for helping me out! One more thing to ask, other than the canvas, the outside parts (The gray outside can let me do other stuff on that. I that part of it? Why? Here’s another screenshot.

Once again, thanks for the assistance!

the grey is just empty part of the canvas, think of it as some extra space
(also ur welcome)

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So for more space, when you watch the video (When the video is exported like posted), whenever we put anything on the extra spaces, will the video that will be posted count? If not, it may only count the canvas (White space.)
I’m sorry for the questions by the way. I’m new to this web. I’ve barley used it so I can uderstand how to manage my projects. I’m use to using Flipaclip, another animation maker app I use either on IOS or Android devices. However this is my school Chromebook. I’m working on some of the projects until then. Again. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

if its on the grey part it wont show in the export
and ur welcome :D

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Unless you use the vcam or some other camera system.