Handling Global Variables


Having trouble editing some old code from earlier Wick Editor.

Variable1.setText (VariableA)

where VariableA was defined in the first frame no longer works. I am guessing that I can no longer define global variable by using:

VariableA = 55;

and then have it accessible from any frame. So what do I need to do?



Hi @Stivushka,

Welcome back to the forum! For storing global variables you can add these variables to the project context like this.

project.variable = 55;

If you’d like to access other objects, like a text object that you’d like to change, you canaccess that object by calling its name while it is on screen. If it is not on screen, you won’t be able to access it!

Let me know if I can give you any more help or if this works!



That works perfect … thanks very much

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