Having trouble with saving big .OGG files


In my project I am using a large .OGG file, it plays and exports fine but when I save and open the project file the .OGG file is completely erased from the project. Gone from the asset library as well as any empty frames I have used to play it.


Hmm, super odd. @Elf_Ears think you could upload your project and the ogg file to a google drive or dropbox folder and link them here or in a private message? (This will help us investigate the bug!)


Sure. Let me just set that up…


Alright. After testing I think I goofed on this one. Sorry :frowning:


@Elf_Ears What was the problem? If something in our interface made you think there was a bug, it’s probably our fault! Haha.


I think what happened was that I forgot to save before adding the music and then when I loaded it up I thought it was a bug. (Or just acidentally opened up the previous save).
This one seems to be totally on me, thanks for investigating tho!