Hello! New here

I have been classically (school) trained in Adobe Flash but as we all know, Flash died. I chose Wick Editor as my new platform. Hopefully, Wick won’t suffer the same fate soon. It does seem to be a powerful program after learning a few of its functions. The user interface looks deceivingly simple and not as complex as Flash. I will be uploading some of my works in progress as soon as I get good with the javascript…

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waiting for your production
As a suggestion do not pretend wick to be as Flash.
Take your time to learn js and wick commands

Welcome to the wick editor im @the-predutshons the creator of s.s and you will find a lot of cool stuff

Hi @Godranek,
:tada: Welcome to Wick!

It’s always great to have new members!
If you’ll ever need help with using the editor you can ask here on forums, we have plenty of active members :+1:

I can’t wait to see what you could make with this software,
:four_leaf_clover: good luck on your journey!