Help contributing code to Wick?

I would like to try and contribute something to WickEditor. I’m an experienced coder, but I’m new to Javascript/web dev. I would love to talk with one of the devs and get familiar with the codebase. Even just knowing what IDE you prefer to use and how to properly open the project would help, as I’m pretty sure we aren’t just editing the files in notepad.

For a bit more context I skimmed through the codebase and got some idea how I might implement one of my requests. I wanted a toggle option for the fill bucket to only use shapes from the selected layer.

Hi @Connorses,

I think it would be great for anybody to contribute to Wick!
I don’t have the time myself, alas, but I’ve ben wanting to implement some controls about text. (ie: centered text, bold) and for instance the ability to center one element to another.
I’ve been browsing the github repo somewhat, and I think I could see the outlines of how to do this, but… time :frowning:

I think it would be great to share insights etc, if you would be willing to do that too.

I’m not sure how @Luxapodular would react to a pullrequest, but I would presume, if the quality is good enough, of course, that it could be merged?

This thread might be of interest too.

As wick has been stagnant for some time now, I started to worry :frowning: but apparently there is still a process going on…



Thanks, I have read the threads on this topic already. I should hope pull requests are being properly managed right now, if not we should probably fix that.
I was hoping to hear from @Jovanny

Stay tuned. Everything is on hold right now, but it is supposed to re-start at some point this year. Keep practicing OOP javascript and try to make some games using wick so you can come up with pain points etc. I’ll contact you when the time comes to see how you could help based on your experience. If you are an experience coder, learning js should be easy enough. I have less than 3 years of exp. in js, but I feel very confidence now with it.