(HELP) Gravity jump

Just one last small thing here: I’m testing how to make gravity, and I cant’ figure out how to make a jump. I’m using code from another forum post on here but it hasn’t seemed to work. All I need is to make a jump. Thanks!

Here’s my project:
gravity testing5-21-2022_12-54-49.wick (1.9 KB)

I made it jump and move with the arrow keys
I hope this helps

gravity testing5-24-2022_13-58-10.wick

< > = moving left and right
/\ = jumping

Thanks for this.
I would like to keep the project at 18 fps though, but every time i change the fps and the gravity force to fit with it, the jump stops working and the player object does this strange flickering thing when it hits the ground.
If there’s any solution, that would be great, Thanks

EDIT: I’ve actually fixed most of it now. It’s just the bouncing thats a problem. I worry that it’s not possible to get rid of though.
gravity testing V25-25-2022_16-18-03.wick (2 KB)