[Help] How to I make an element react to a hit box within a clip

Basically I’m making a virtual playset, and I want the dolls to “drink” the tea. I’ve marked the mouth hit box on the rabbit doll in the example file below, but the tea cup wont react to the mouth hit box at all.
The tea cup reacts in the way I want it too with the other dolls, but the hitbox with the other dolls is the whole doll not just the mouth…

This is kind of hard for me to explain in text so here’s a vid
Video Example

and here’s the file, if any one wants to fiddle with the code:

Oh,I put a blue box around which cup I’m focusing on and a black outline on where I want the mouth hit box to be…

Wow, your project looks pretty nice :sparkles: I see the issue… in the current version of the editor, running a hit test between clips and subclips doesn’t work. However, this is possible in version 1.19.4 (the test editor).

Another thing, the hitTest function has been depreciated and replaced with another function called hits.

So to fix this issue, you’ll need to:

  1. Re-open your project inside of the test editor at wickeditor.com/test
    (bc having hit boxes between a clip and subclip works there)

  2. Replace “this.hitTest(bunny.mouth)” with “this.hits(bunny.mouth)” inside the cup
    (there’s also a comma at the end of line 3, replace it with a semicolon)

Let me know if the project works as intended after these edits

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Oh subclips…that’s the word I was looking for…

AYE! thanks again, Hamzah, it worked! wow I didn’t even know there was a test version of Wick!:sparkles::heart::ok_hand::100:

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