Help me pls with rpg

So im trying to make a battle screen for an rpg and i need help with the losing health system and the code so help me

Go Here to find out.

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Hello thank you so much but then again I wanna make like a system where when your not in battle and you see an enemy you can touch him and you get into a battle

Oh and for when you lose you get put into like a screen where it says game over or something like dat or win you get put back

i would recommend that you watch @Jovanny’s tutorials they’re pretty good

I do actually but most of them don’t help to much

An rpg battle system is not something that we do in minutes. It is a very time consuming thing.
This is not usually the kind of help that we give. We should use the help category for wick concepts, not to help you build an entire game. You could consider open a collab request.

Ay bro love yo videos but serious man it takes that long damn that kinda sucks man

He said you should open a collab where people can help you code though.

I’ve decided screw the rpg im remaking thera

You can do the if (hits) command.