(HELP WANTED) i need help with making a map selector for a game

i am using wick 1.19.3

I just need help with making a map selector that works for a game called funny fighters @Donut and @Rods_Animations(the game is being developed by @Donut and @Rods_Animations and i)

funny fighters(not ready for use)3-28-2023_12-20-53.wick (3.6 MB)
this is the most recent file thanks

we need help with basically the selector selecting stuff, in specific the character select

@Hamzah_Al_Ani can you help us out

I responded over here with how to identify the character that is selected:

As for a map selector…

It looks like (from the file shared in this thread) that you guys already figured out the map selector. Looking at the code, it seems that inside of every map button, it takes you to the frame for that map.

However, since this project seems to be split into multiple files, it seems like this could cause some issues later on when you guys try to join the files together. Even while testing, this could be an issue bc there is currently no frame 82 in the project.

For this reason, I’d like to recommend changing each map’s frame name to that of the map’s.

And if you do this, then rather than using:


You can instead write:


This is just a suggestion.

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The last part I actually didn’t know I can gotoAndStop(“framename”) so thanks for that, and since its not the full file so like it can’t go to the specified frame number, u know any other ways to send the main file?

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I’m guessing what you’re asking is if there’s a way to connect the files together?

You can accomplish this by either:

  • Copy-pasting all frames into one project


  • Wait until all files are complete, publish to a domain, and have extra files set as subfolders
    (this option has some unmentioned extra steps)

If you’d like, I can explain how to go about the second option using repl.it
There are probably a few more options, but these are the ones that I know of.

Let me know if I misunderstood your question

like, since the file is more than 4096kb, i cant send it

Oh, so what you meant is how to share the file here since it’s over the size limit.

The easiest way to share large files is by uploading them to google drive and getting a share link.
However, someone with a school-owned google account isn’t capable of sharing files to anyone outside of their school district.

An alternative would be to use transferNow

Another option would be to use filebin

I’ve rarely used both of these options so I don’t have much to say about them.
However, for a team project, I’d highly recommend using filebin bc it’s very simple, you can add multiple files to the same share link, and the link expires 6 days after the last update.

thanks for this too! very very appriciated

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