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Hello everyone. I like to use Wickeditor, but I find the functionality of Wick to be very frustrating at times. Every time I try to draw a few lines quickly, Wick will freeze and keep giving me error messages like “There was an error drawing this” when my projects are very simple. I use stick men to draw. So, does anyone else have this issue? And what can I do about it?

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Yeah me too! but it isnt really anoying me, because im a slow-drawer (if this exists :sweat_smile:)
The only Thing you can do is to draw a bit slower or wait a bit before you draw the next line.

I hope I helped you!




Hey @Ollie_05 and @Jan_Ninja,

We’re looking to improve the drawing tools this week so they will run a bit faster and should almost never cause these drawing issues.

We will update here as we make progress!

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That are good news! Thank you!