Help with the function KeyIsDown


How do you use the “KeyIsDown”, because I try and it isn’t working out that well. My code is here:

//X and Y Sipmlifying
var y = this.y;
var x = this.x;

function update() {

//Should Make player move. . . 
function keyIsDown(w) {
    y += 10;


And my object still won’t move. Does anyone know this better than I?
if so thank you so much!

Add examples for keyboard input?

keyIsDown just returns true or false if the specified key is pressed. Just need to add the keyDown function that is called whenever any key is pressed:

function keyDown(){
    if (keyIsDown('W')){
    this.y += 10;

I don’t know how better fits your code but I have tested this above and it works fine.
Also notice the ‘W’ with quotes.
Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Ahh keyIsDown() is actually a pretty special function.

keyIsDown('key') will return true when a certain key is held down, not just when it’s pressed!

So, let’s say you want a function, or action to play every frame the ‘a’ key is held down. You would do this…

function update() {
    if keyIsDown('a') {
        doSomething(); // do something every frame the 'a' key is down

doSomething() will run every frame the ‘a’ key is held down!

Now, if you’d like to make this function run once you can use the keyPressed() function like so.

function keyPressed(key) {
    if (key === 'a') {
        doSomething(); // do something once per keypress of the 'a' key. 

Let me know if this helps!


Thank you guys so much!