Help with tweening?


Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be able to explain/show how to tween? I added the “tween keyframe” and all, but I’m not sure what to do with it. (I’m trying to do a simple character head tilt)
Edit: I figured out how to! Does anyone know how to make it quicker?


I also have that problem. ¿Can you explain me the way that you do it?


I’ve included before & after examples here.
Before:HeadTilt1.wick (68.7 KB)

In this example, the single keyframe has been converted to a tween keyframe. Time was added to frame 20. It’s ready for the tilt.

In the ‘after’ example (with the playhead at frame 20), the figure was selected and rotated (and moved to the right a bit). Wick automatically sets a new tween keyframe for the new position & rotation.
After:HeadTilt2.wick (68.9 KB)

Like many animation authoring tools, Wick sets (or changes) keyframes automatically whenever changes are made. Just make sure you move the playhead to where you want it first!
(Flash’s newer Motion Tweens also work this way.)