Hey does anybody what to help me out a game i am making

i am making a l4d in 2d and i don’t know how to code i know how to animate but not code


what is that?

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left 4 dead a zombie game

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i can help

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I can help too

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ok thats fine

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i will a file soon for you can see it

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i got the link for it download the file (warning one of the frame contains some bad words) time 2 die

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I can animate and code

If you what to I don’t mind but I will animate for now if I need help I will ask you is this fine

hey i made this before i posted this


hey i got question if get to this but uh can you animate 3 characters of your choice i will show you how it is going to look like

How should I animate them?

yes 3 people of your choice i got the project that i made instageofanimation.wick (399.9 KB)

you can help to

Left 4 Dead 2?
I don’t know how to code video games that much, but there should be a way to make a 3d engine for FPS movement, since it is a shooter game.
Here’s the 3d engine in question:
pk3d.wick (27.7 KB)
best of luck!

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well i want to make 2d but i will see this

Here’s one:My Project4-12-2023_0-03-13.wick (128.5 KB)

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that is good

Oh… i made that reply before I saw the 2d sprites… sorry about that!
Anyways, I’d love to help!