Hey Wick Editor Community, We Need You! (To post your projects)



How did you make that camera movement?


@Luxapodular Is there a deadline for the link submissions?


@BreakTheIcing No firm date yet, but it will most likely be the end of July!


This is the intro I plan to use for my animation videos. Normally it’d have more effects on it, but those were added in post using an editing software (not Wick). It’s incredibly short. YouTube

Each variation of the character is doing something different.


I don’t know if i’m allowed to submit two animations but heres another animation I made yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu_JZVvIHdE


BallMan.html (1.3 MB)


https://youtu.be/BhB9Hv7L3X8 oof… heres another one


This one I made is about autographs I made 1 month ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTAIdNYuKuY&t=1s


This is my first wick project!



@SkySlay great use of sounds! Nice animation!


AVA-Aug25-2018-3.00PM.wick (389.9 KB)

sorry I’m late, and I couldn’t get my mp4 video to work, but, hey here you go. Hope it helps
tell us when it is done!
P.S thank you guys for what you do.


also no audio. . . sorry, you can add that if you want


This is a simple game. I created it with an old version of wick editor. Unfortunately the new version of wick gives errors and the game does not work …


this is garbage compared to yours…
New Project-Sep29-2018-12.42PM.wick (292.4 KB)


Not sure if its over or not, but heres a recording of my first try with the editor:

Needless to say I fell in love with the editor after those seven minutes of animating.

I also started working on this as a 3rd or 4th project:

I don’t have the walk-to script working in wick yet, but its working in my canvas based client that has multiplayer with node.js server:

For some reason I can’t find the video where you can change your color on join, but that’s too off topic.


In the spirit of providing cool content, here’s something I’m working on after seeing this thread:

It’s unfinished, but I think you’ll get the idea.


These are awesome! We actually haven’t finished the video yet as we’ve been caught up with some other work, but we’ll look to include these!


Italian search for words…