Hey Wick Editor Community, We Need You! (To post your projects)


Just a cool animation (I made it)


I also made a flower animation
Flower-Oct7-2018-1.08PM.wick (211.0 KB)


Is the video ready?


file:///Users/apple/Downloads/New%20Project-Nov21-2018-9.46PM.html THIS IS ONE


Poopydoo 1-Nov21-2018-9.51PM.zip (3.0 MB) look at this one


I made this for my science class! It’s the cell cycle.cellcycle


Apparently I forgot metaphase


Is this closed? cause I would love to post a creation but is there a deadline?


hi @kappa, this looks really great. why not upload the source to see if someone can fix it and win-win for all beginners to learn how to code such superb games. :slightly_smiling_face:


My short animated Gif.


This one is very simple. (This forum is good for clickb8 lol):thinking:


look at mine


srry LOL it didn’t work as a link it’s an html file


Here my sounds memory game, I am a musician and I use it with my studentsSuonds_Memory-Jan25-2019-12.50PM.wick (552.3 KB)


@kappa this is so great!


Thank you! With wick editor is a pleasure to develop games