Hopeful solutions


Ok, these are some solutions to some problems in Wick Editor 0 along with some things from Animate CC that can be on Wick. There are only three though, but these can help until they’re ready on Wick Alpha. These may not work the way you want 100% of the time, but I hope they help anyway. This MAY be updated when Wick Alpha is fully released. (And yes, this is a Wick file)
AnimateCC functions on Wick Editor-May24-2019-2.19PM.wick (109.6 KB)

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Thanks, I especially like the gradients. Good alternative while we wait for it to be included



UPDATE: AnimateCC functions on Wick Editor-May25-2019-4.37PM.wick (112.3 KB)
Update includes:

  • Better version of gradients
  • Masking