How do I add an untweened keyframe of the final position of my objects after the tween?

I want to add a keyframe after a tween in order to script a stop on that frame, but the new editor doesn’t seem to have that functionality? I still want to have the original contents of said tween in their final position in the following keyframe, is this currently possible?

You can make the script in another layer on that frame number instead of in the same layer as the tweened layer.
I usually have both object/s layer, and a script layer in wick’s timeline.

Creating another layer to put in the script isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it’s something I’ll definitely keep that in mind for future animations, thanks for the tip! Since, I also wanted to grab the still frame of the final tween. I managed to do it by copying and pasting the entire tween then removing the first frame and hitting “del” to get a keyframe out of the last tween frame. A bit different from how it works in flash, but hey, it works.

You can copy the last tweened object frame by selecting the last frame and select that object, copy that object and paste it on the new frame.

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