How do I convert json files to mp4?


Are there any websites or online converters that let me convert json files to mp4 files?


@Luxapodular and I have been working on a way to get mp4 export/conversion working in wick, and might have a working solution soon. It’s definitely something we want to get working in the next update.

For now, your best bet might be to export as an animated gif and convert that to an mp4.

@blackiesunshine Yes. You will need to wait to a newer update of Wick Editor because converting .json files to .mp4 is very advanced. That is why you can’t find anything on the internet.

Are you looking for lottie json into the video or mp4?
Yes, there is online site to convert lottie json into the mp4

I might as well throw my hat in the ring too. This will convert Lottie JSON to a video file.

It’s super fast.


this is litteraly years ago

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