How do i make a functioning platformer?

I’ve made plenty before in other engines (GDevelop, Scratch) so I know some of the basics

All I’ve got is a simple script that makes the player have gravity

what should I do next?

Floor collision. You could use clips to represent a non-rotated collidable box. Clips can be rotated, but doing collision with rotated objects is a lot trickier. So you can just assume the box isn’t.

You also have to make sure the snap the player to the surface of the floor that it’s colliding with. You can calculate where the top of the box is using the box’s position and size. Make sure to account for the player’s hitbox size when snapping to surface.

Then after that you can do jumping which is fairly simple.

put this in the player’s update script:

this.y += [Intensity of gravity]

put this in the clip you want the player to collide with:

if (this.hitTest( [Player] ){ [Player].y -= [Intensity of gravity] }