How do i make a shooter with a cooldown and press the mouse to shoot?

I get confused and give up please help me

Use clones, Math.sin(), Math.cos(), and Math.atan().

Do you want to shoot after a loading period time?
like say a crossbow that need reload time before next shot?
the general logic could be:
set a variable for your load time (let’s say 100 frames)
you may choose your time unit (seconds, milliseconds, frames…)
every frame drop your variable by 1 (in case time unit is frames)
when you clic mouse button if your variable is less than 0 you can shoot otherwise you cannot
after you successfully take a shot set the variable to 100 again to reset cooldown

i know how to do gravity but not shooters i tried to make a mouse pressing shooter downloaded the project from obi here’s the link to download the project Make an object point towards an object