How do i make a simple local login form?


Basiclly i need 2 boxes that when i click on them, i can write a user and pass.
And if it matches with the specified requirement it will do something.
I know how to do it in theory but, struggles to write it down…any help?
amy i on right track?submit%20btn


Yep you’re on the right track.
textbox-Jan25-2019-6.52PM.wick (10.4 KB)
WickEditor dosen’t have textboxes as of now, however, I was able to make a simple textbox. Unfortunately it seems as left shift doesn’t have a key-code, so I wasn’t able to add the ability to uppercase letters with left shift.

But this should work, I added 2 frames to show you how my textbox might be used.
If you want a more advanced textbox, I could always make it, but for now, see if this is good enough.


thank YOU!